Isla Vista's BEST Medical Cannabis Delivery

Delivered in 40 minutes or less. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our Services


We aim to provide the best cannabis products to our patients, hand selected by our CEO and COO, from the most reputable sources in Northern California.


Being located in Isla Vista, we deliver to Isla Vista faster than any other delivery service. Your orders are bike-delivered to you in 40 minutes or less.


We take the care to seek out new and unique holistic approaches to health; providing a thoughtful and personal medical cannabis experience.

Not a patient? Have an interest in relieving your ailments through a natural alternative medicine? Why suffer any longer?

Our Story

The dream started in an FT dorm room with two discontented patients. With wait times upwards of three hours for low quality cannabis, it was time for a change. Just over a year later, we are happy to open Isla Vista’s fastest and highest quality medical cannabis delivery service. IV Tree House Collective is proud to be a part of this little ocean town. Founded and run by UCSB students.

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This website is intended for California medical cannabis patients in accordance with Prop 215 and SB 420.

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